Bet you didn’t know I was a time-traveling ninja!!

Location:  Busan, Korea

Weather:  Cold and Sunny (30 F)

I’m writing from the future. Allow me to explain…I got to the airport in Utah at 6:30 AM on Tuesday morning, gave a teary eyed hug to Tracy, and then I was on my way.  I got here at 10:30 on Wednesday night exhausted from sitting in planes and airports for 24 hours.  But how is 6:30 AM on Tuesday to 10:30 PM on Wednesday equal 24 hours??!  Because I am not only a ninja, but a time traveling ninja!  But seriously, the explanation is much less exciting…blah blah blah…international date line.  You can do as you wish, but I prefer the ninja explanation.

I had a layover in the Tokyo airport for about two and a half hours.  I only share this with you as a precursor to my stay in Japan in a couple weeks.  I was blown away by just how…well…Japanese it was.  Here’s what I mean:  I got through security and went over to the monitors.  As I was standing at the monitors, I noticed Sumo wrestling on the TV nearby, saw that the only place to eat was a ramen cafe or a very technical vending machine, everyone was dressed to the nines in designer labels, and I saw three little girls with crazy animal hats.  I just thought it was funny that it was exactly what I expected.  That never happens.  Moving on….

So there isn’t much to say about Korea yet, simply because I haven’t done much yet.  My friend Kathleen teaches English to children here in Busan and was gracious enough to pick me up from the airport and let me stay at the apartment where she is staying with her Korean host family and fellow teachers.  It made my arrival vastly less stressful, and I collapsed into sleep within about 30 minutes of arriving.

This is the apartment building I stayed in last night!

Got up, showered in what has to be one of the most high tech showers I have even seen, and ate an unquestionably American breakfast of a PB&J sandwich.  We walked the few blocks over to the school where she teaches and I snagged a few pictures of the city.  One thing I have to say is that Busan is a very clean and modern city.  The architecture is basic, but with very clean lines and made with fine materials that give it a very cosmopolitan touch.  The buildings here are TALL!!!

View from raised pedestrian bridge on way to school.

Overall though, I think I am going to like it here.  I will keep sharing with you as I get to know the city.  The first order of business this morning is to learn a few phrases of Korean. Next, check into the Hostel, and start exploring!

Na-jung-e bwae-yo!   나중에 봬요!

(See you later!)


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4 Responses to Bet you didn’t know I was a time-traveling ninja!!

  1. Colin Thomas says:

    pick up some throwing stars and nunchucks as soon as possible. i’m sure there are vendors everywhere

    • Bad news: I am not sure if they will let them through customs in Japan. Japan does not appreciate non-Japanese ninjas. Good news: I can carve some throwing stars using only nail file, and a salad plate. For you see, I am a time-traveling ninja of the MacGuyver clan.

  2. Nancy Kelly says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound – Korea looks beautiful – clean!!! Forgot about PB and J! Maybe Dad and I should have one!!

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