About Me & Trip Schedule

Hi! Welcome to my travel blog! I am leaving in January 2012 for a year of traveling. I am 34 and traveling solo (planning on making some friends along the way!) and was presented with an opportunity to travel. So I quit my job, rented my house, and started planning!

I have a rough idea of my agenda:  I am going to be starting my travels in SE Asia, planning on spending some time among the pacific islands, then down to New Zealand and Australia. After that I am going to go over to South America and start south and work my way north to Latin America. I will go back home in the US for about 3-4 weeks and then head over to Europe for the Fall. Everything is pretty tentative right now as I am trying not to over plan (I have a long history of that…). I will be blogging as often as I have wifi and sharing pictures from my trip. Please feel free to comment!

UPDATE:  I have my trip roughly scheduled through the end of April:

Date Location Staying?
01/10/12 SLC to Busan, Korea (PUS) Hostel
through Busan, Korea Hostel
01/25/12 Busan to Osaka, Japan (KIX) House Sitting
through Kyoto, Japan House Sitting
02/10/12 Osaka to Bangkok flight Hotel
02/11/12 Bangkok, Thailand Hotel
02/12/12 Bangkok, Thailand Sleeper Train
02/13/12 Chiang Mai, Thailand Hotel
02/14/12 Huay Xai, Thailand Guesthouse
02/15/12 Mekong River, Thailand Guesthouse
02/16/12 Luang Prabang, Laos Guesthouse
02/17/12 Luang Prabang, Laos Guesthouse
02/18/12 Luang Prabang, Laos Guesthouse
02/19/12 Vang Vieng, Laos Hotel
02/20/12 Vang Vieng, Laos Hotel
02/21/12 Vientiane, Laos Hotel
02/22/12 Hanoi, Vietnam Hotel
02/23/12 Halong Bay, Vietnam Overnight Boat
02/24/12 Hanoi, Vietnam Hotel
02/25/12 Hanoi, Vietnam Sleeper Train
02/26/12 Hue, Vietnam Hotel
02/27/12 Hoi An, Vietnam Hotel
02/28/12 Hoi An, Vietnam Hotel
02/29/12 Hoi An, Vietnam Hotel
03/01/12 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotel
03/02/12 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hotel
03/03/12 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Hotel
03/04/12 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Hotel
03/05/12 Homestay (?) Homestay
03/06/12 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat, Cambodia Hotel
03/07/12 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat, Cambodia Hotel
03/08/12 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat, Cambodia Hotel
03/09/12 Bangkok, Thailand Hotel
03/10/12 ? ?
through ? ?
03/16/12 ? ?
03/17/12 Fly Bangkok to New Delhi Hotel
03/18/12 Delhi, India Hotel
03/19/12 Agra, India Hotel
03/20/12 Chanderi, India Guesthouse
03/21/12 Chanderi, India Guesthouse
03/22/12 Orchha, India Heritage Property
03/23/12 Orchha, India Heritage Property
03/24/12 Alipura, India Heritage Property
03/25/12 Khajuraho, India Hotel
03/26/12 Bandhavgarh National Park, India Jungle Lodge
03/27/12 Bandhavgarh National Park, India Sleeper Train
03/28/12 Varanasi, India Hotel
03/29/12 Varanasi, India Hotel
03/30/12 Varanasi, India Sleeper Train
03/31/12 Fly Delhi to Bangkok Hotel (Intrepid)
04/01/12 Bangkok, Thailand Hotel
04/02/12 Bangkok, Thailand Sleeper Train
04/03/12 Khao Sok National Park, Thailand Guesthouse
04/04/12 Khao Sok National Park, Thailand Guesthouse
04/05/12 Homestay (?) Homestay
04/06/12 Krabi, Thailand Guesthouse
04/07/12 Krabi, Thailand Guesthouse
04/08/12 Penang, Malaysia Hotel
04/09/12 Penang, Malaysia Hotel
04/10/12 Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Hotel
04/11/12 Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Hotel
04/12/12 Melaka, Malaysia Hotel
04/13/12 Melaka, Malaysia Hotel
04/14/12 Singapore Hotel
04/15/12 Jakarta, Indonesia Hotel
04/16/12 Bandung, Indonesia Hotel
04/17/12 Pangandaran, Indonesia Hotel
04/18/12 Pangandaran, Indonesia Hotel
04/19/12 Yogyakarta, Indonesia Hotel
04/20/12 Yogyakarta, Indonesia Hotel
04/21/12 Yogyakarta, Indonesia Hotel
04/22/12 Seloliman Nature Reserve Hotel
04/23/12 Mt Bromo, Indonesia Hotel
04/24/12 Ijen, Indonesia Hotel
04/25/12 Tanah Lot, Indonesia Hotel
04/26/12 Tanah Lot, Indonesia Hotel
04/27/12 Ubud, Indonesia Hotel
04/28/12 Ubud, Indonesia ??
04/29/12 Ubud, Indonesia BIRTHDAY!!! ??

1 Response to About Me & Trip Schedule

  1. T says:

    Very jealous.

    I actually visited Orchha, Chanderi and Bandhavgarh last May, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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