My Bag

Here is the picture from their site. I will add my own soon!

I read on so many websites that this is the bag to have for a RTW trip.  It is big enough for what you need, but small enough to carry on to most airlines.  Never out of my sight = less chance of losing my stuff.  I ordered it about a month ago from this site.  It arrived last week.

I had to have it shipped to a friend of mine because I am technically homeless at this point and her reaction was, “That’s all you are taking?!?”.  When I told her it was indeed all I was taking, she looked at me skeptically.  I just told her, “I will make it work.”, but the small seed of doubt is now in my head.  I WILL make it work.  I will bring everything I need, and a few things I want, but with a little planning I can make it happen.

1 Response to My Bag

  1. Lauren says:

    Just found your site via ottsworld and am excited to follow your trip preparation! I am also career breaking in 2012 and just bought my backpack tonight… it took me days to finally click “buy”! Yes, you will make it work. I’m afraid mine is too small, too, but I’ve never heard anybody say “I wish I would have brought more stuff.” Keep it up!

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